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tagged values of selected attributes

Hi, How can I print tagged values of selected attributes of a class in a class diagram?

For example: I have a class Teacher and it has two attributes: name and age. The attributes name (taggedvalue: bas) and age (taggedvalue:21) have an tagged value.

I would like to implement the following: If i selected the the attribute "name" in the class "teacher" I would like to print the tagged value of the selected attribute: in this case that would be bas.

Can u give me an working example? Thanks!

Product: Astah Professional

Hi Jenn,

Thanks for your post.

We're afraid that there is no way to show tagged values on a diagram at the moment.

Only suggested way is to represent tagged values using the note and connect it to the attribute. Image Text

I've added your request (to show tagged values on diagram) to our user-wish list. Its ticket# is 683.

Thanks, SJ

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