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How to use JavaFX types for attributes and operations

I want classes from javafx.beans to show up in the list of available data types when I create an attribute for a class. What are the ways to accomplish this? (I was thinking that I might be able to drag/drop a JAR file onto the main window, or maybe import the specifications from an existing JAR file, but I couldn't find a menu option or toolbar button that accomplishes that.)


Product: Astah Professional

Hi Azhrei,

Thank you for your post.

Astah does not have an ability to import JAR files we're afraid, but can import .java files. There are several ways to do so.

(1) Using Astah's built-in feature

Go to [Tools] - [Java] - [Import Java] from main menu and select a package or .java files.

Image Text

(2) Using [Easy Code Reverse] Plug-in

Installing this plug-in (free) enables you to import .java files just by drag/drop a java file onto Astah or the URL of source code repository!

Easy Code Reverse Plug-in

At last, once you import all the data you want in Astah's list, you can save it as your template file and use if as a default model.

TIPS: How to customize a “default file” that opens when creating a new file

Hope this helps.

Cheers, SJ

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