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astah不能自定义hot key,目前软件固定的功能热键不能自定义修改,我平时使用时是没有鼠标,通过触摸板来使用,像放大/缩放这些操作不能通过键盘进行操作,很不方便,请优化,谢谢!

Product: Astah Professional


I cannot read Chinese, so I google-translated your question into English.

astah can not customize the hot key, the current software fixed hotkey function can not be customized to modify, I usually use no mouse, through the touchpad to use, such as zoom / zoom these operations can not be operated by the keyboard, it is inconvenient, please Optimization, thank you!

You can customize the keybinds of Zoom in/out operations by following the instruction here, however it is a bit tricky. You will need to change the value in two lines.

Please make sure to change values in both lines.

  1. Line 82 & 84 from the top

Image Text

  1. Line155 & 157 from the top

Image Text

Thanks! SJ

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