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Astah doesn't get

Astah type errors

When i use Astah, create a new Class diagram, create a new class and i add a new attribute to this newly created class, the program only shows the primitive types instead of every type of classes that Java has...

I've installed Astah in Debian Linux.

Product: Astah Professional

I've included a image but it seems it doesn't appear for some reason. Anyways, here's the link to the image:

Hello Luis,

Thanks for your post and a link to the image file. Follow the step below to show more types of Classes that Java has:

  1. Open a template file from [New By Template] and [Javax.asta]. Image Text

  2. A [Java] package will be loaded and all the models in the package will appear in the candidate list for Attribute Type.

    Image Text

FYI, you can create your own template file with all the data types you frequently use and set it as your customized standard file : [TIPS] Create your own template file

Cheers, SJ

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