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Unable to launch astah

Hi, I am trying to launch Astah Community in my Mac book pro 2017. However, each time I try I got the message at the bottom. I already uninstall and delete the .astah folder, adn reinstall Astah Community, but it did not work.

Process: JavaAppLauncher [1141] Path: /Applications/astah community/astah Identifier: Version: 6.9.0 (6.9.0) Code Type: X86-64 (Native) Parent Process: ??? [1] Responsible: JavaAppLauncher [1141] User ID: 501

Date/Time: 2018-02-26 07:27:14.221 -0800 OS Version: Mac OS X 10.13.3 (17D102) Report Version: 12 Bridge OS Version: 3.0 (14Y661) Anonymous UUID: 70CB8578-2F84-C8B4-5166-AC7D5C022518

Sleep/Wake UUID: 60032BD3-C574-484E-90E6-407EFCBCE071

Time Awake Since Boot: 8400 seconds Time Since Wake: 1000 seconds

System Integrity Protection: enabled

Crashed Thread: 0 AppKit Thread Dispatch queue:

Exception Type: EXC_BAD_ACCESS (SIGABRT) Exception Codes: KERN_INVALID_ADDRESS at 0x0000000000000000 Exception Note: EXC_CORPSE_NOTIFY

VM Regions Near 0: --> __TEXT 000000010a501000-000000010a504000 [ 12K] r-x/rwx SM=COW y [/Applications/astah community/astah]

Application Specific Information: abort() called

Product: Astah Community

Hi Juan,

Thank you for your report.

There is a known issue that Astah Community version 6.9 does not launch on Mac. I'm not sure if your case falls into this but if you have not tried the suggested solution in the page below, please try it out.

[Bug Info]: Astah Version 6.9 does not launch on Mac



The problem with the solution is that Java 9 no longer includes a "jre" sub-directory. How can I solve this issue??

Hi Juan,

Java9 is out of Astah's system requirements, so please use Java 8 (Update 144 or later).



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