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Astah stopped working after upgrading ubuntu

Hello, so as the title says I had astah working just fine, but I upgraded ubuntu to the newest version (18.04) and now It doesnt work anymore, I already tried to remove astah completely through synaptic and installing again but nothing changed

I can't do anything basically.If i try to open a existing file or create a new one nothing happens for a long time, but after a while i get this message "An exception has occurred. Please restart Astah"

Here is the 2 logs

Product: Astah Professional

Hi Hugo,

Thanks for your post and log files.

Currently the Java you are currently using (Version 10.0.1) is out of Astah's System Requirements. So changing the Java version may get you out of this error.

Please change the Java by referring the page here: How to install Astah on Linux

Thanks! SJ

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