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Lifeline sequence diagram

I know this question might seem stupid, but since i'm a total beginner i need to start somewhere. After i created new lifelines in a sequence diagram i saw i can only move them left-right but not up-down too. What do i need to in order to unlock the movement on Y axis too?

Restricted looks like : Image Text How i'd want it :Image Text
Just to be clear, second image is edited, didn't manage to do that in astah.

Product: Astah Community

Hi Cosmin1one,

Thanks for your post. The image links are broken in your post so I cannot see the picture how you'd like it to be. Currently, you cannot move the lifeline boxes up and down unless you add a [Create Message].

Image Text

Does this help?

Thanks, SJ

Thank you so much, this is what i was looking for.

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