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Component diagram/draw multiple usages of a provided interface in the same diagram


Hi, I have three components in a component diagram, each providing the same interface ("lollipop-bullet"). I also have a component which can USE this interface of each component. But I can only draw one "usage" line with the corresponding "lollipop-bracket" style. For the others, Astah says "this usage relationship already exists". How can I draw this? Is this scenario forbidden in UML, and if so, what is the recommended way? Thanks for any hints Ingo

Product: Astah Professional

Deployment Diagram, hide the component symbol.


Dear Sir / Madame,

According to IBM, a component in a component/deployment diagram can be shown with the component symbol:

Image Text

or without.

I really prefer to have my diagrams without that symbol since it adds extra clutter. I can't seem to be able to hide it though. Am I missing how or is it not implemented in Astah?

Related to that question is to use the deployment diagram to deal with <<artifact>>'s too. Instead of a node (which has a 3D look in Astah) it's a component with an envelop symbol, where the component symbol is currently.

See for example this cheat sheet.

I know it's not currently implemented in Astah.. Consider if I could hide the component symbol, then I could use the component as an artifact too. I would simply add a note which has the correct symbol and it's solved.

I'm no photoshopping my diagrams to get the same effect. It would really be nice if it would included in Astah.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,

Product: Astah Professional

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