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Converting data type from models


Hello! I have a problem. When I convert an object from ER to class, the data types are incorrectly transferred. For example, in ER, the data type is boolean or integer, and in class it is always string!

Product: Astah Professional

ER Diagram doesn't show Type and Length


I have a existing ER Diagram and I want to see the Data Types of my table columns.

None of the following approaches work: The first approach doesn't exist in my version and the second one has no effect even if I enable "Apply the project settings to the current project" and press the "Apply" button before clicking "OK". It feels like this is a bug.

Astah Professional 7.1.0/f2c212
Release: 2016/09/28
Model Version: 37
"This is the latest version of Astah."

Thanks for help.

Product: Astah Professional

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