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Astah drawing bug


I just installed Astah Professional to my Arch Linux computer. About a year ago I used version 7.0.0 to create a model for an assignment without any flaws. However, with both versions 7.0.0 and 7.1.0 (and both Oracle JDK 8b121 and OpenJDK 8b121) I now get a drawing bug.

When opening the .asta file I used last year (or trying to create a new model), whenever I open a class diagram everything gets repeated every 100x100 pixels or so. When using the scrollbars every such box scrolls independently, creating this weird output. When opening the menus and hovering over them the disappeared part gets drawn correctly, until I hover with the mouse over the model window, when everything gets redrawn incorrectly again. Only when minimizing the class diagram window and reopening it again, the output looks correctly, until I move my mouse over the window and the wrong output shows up again.

Has anyone experienced this before?

Product: Astah Professional

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