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Astah doesn't get


Astah type errors

When i use Astah, create a new Class diagram, create a new class and i add a new attribute to this newly created class, the program only shows the primitive types instead of every type of classes that Java has...

I've installed Astah in Debian Linux.

Product: Astah Professional

ER Diagram doesn't show Type and Length


I have a existing ER Diagram and I want to see the Data Types of my table columns.

None of the following approaches work: The first approach doesn't exist in my version and the second one has no effect even if I enable "Apply the project settings to the current project" and press the "Apply" button before clicking "OK". It feels like this is a bug.

Astah Professional 7.1.0/f2c212
Release: 2016/09/28
Model Version: 37
"This is the latest version of Astah."

Thanks for help.

Product: Astah Professional

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