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Inconsistency Check

DSM (Design Structure Matrix)

The DSM automatically updates itself as you model. This quickly alerts you to overly specific dependencies and circular references in a concise colorcoded chart. DSM appears in the window below the Diagram Editor in [DSM] tab.

Astah DSM

Model elements in DSM

Astah picks up the dependencies of the following models.

Model Elements
Class (Interface, Actor, Entity, BusinessEntity, Boundary, Control and BusinessWorker)
Package (Subsystem, Model)


Astah counts the following as "Dependency".

Model Elements Note
Associations Non-navigable is treated as dependent unidirectional
Association (Aggregation) Counts "one-way" dependency from the container to the other
Association (Composition) Counts "one-way" dependency from the container to the other
Dependency, Usage Dependency, Realization and Template Binding -
Generalization Counts one as a dependency from SubClass to Super Class
Realization Counts as a dependency from Implement Class to Interface
Dependencies within a Package All the dependencies within a Package are not counted.

DSM view

Astah's DSM gives alerts you to specific dependencies and circular references immediately, and distinctly in a concise color coded chart.

Color State Risks
Red Circular reference This could rise the dead lock, closed loop and a degrade of the modulability
Pink Indirect circular reference Same as above
Yellow A model that has more than 5 dependencies Too many responsibilities on one pole. Change of this model could reflect many influences.

Choose Namespace where models you want to show exist in DSM

You can switch the view of DSM by choosing the namespace the models you want to show in DSM exist from the combo box.

Astah DSM View2

Auto-update of DSM

If you want to update DSM every time the model was updated, turn the [Update the DSM when the model is modified] button on. (It is set "ON" by default)

Auto-update DSM

Manual Update of DSM

When you want to update the DSM manually, click [Update] button.

Manual Update DSM

Export DSM to Excel

You can export the DSM to Excel by selecting the top right button "Export to Excel".

Export DSM to Excel

[Export] dialog appears. Specify the directory where you want the file to be exported and click [Export] button. Check "Open the exported file automatically" if you want to open the exported excel right away.

Export dialog

DSM will be exported to where you specified as the figure below.

Exported DSM in Excel



If there are more than 100 models in one DSM, an alert appears to warn you because it may cause the performance issue.