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State Transition Table



State Transition Path

When you open a Statemachine Diagram, the State Transition Path appears in the window below the Diagram Editor in [State Transition Path] tab.

Astah State Transition Path

Transition numbers

You can switch the State Transition Path list based on the number of transitions. (Default:2)

Synchronization between the State Transition Path and diagram

When you select a path in the State Transition Path list, its models in the Statemachine diagram gets highlighten (State in yellow and transition line in red)

Astah State Transition Path3

Pseudo States

Pseudo states would be also deployed in the State Transition path. So in the sample diagram below, the "Dial the number" event will be deployed in two events, "Other line is busy" and "Other line is idle".

Transitions with Pseudo States
Supported Pseudo States
  • Junction Pseudo States
  • Choice Pseudo States
  • Fork Pseudo States
  • Join Pseudo States
Unsupported Pseudo States
  • Shallow History Pseudo States
  • Deep History Pseudo States

Nested State machines (Sub machines)

In the State Transition Path, the transition relating to the nested states including Sub machine states would be treated as transitions of its Parent state.

Transition path with Nested States

Auto-update of State Transition Path

If you want to update the State Transition Path automatically when there was a update on Statemachine diagram, turn the [Update the table when the StateMachine is modified] button on. (It is set "ON" by default)

Auto-update of State Transition Path

Manual-update of State Transtion Path

When you want to update this path manually, click [Update] button.

Manual update of State Transition Path

Export State Transition Path to Excel

You can export the State Transition Path to Excel by selecting the top right botton "Export to Exel".

Export State Transition Path to Excel

[Exoport] dialog appears. Specify the directory where you want the file to be exported and click [Export] button. Check "Open the exported file automatically" if you want to open the exported excel right away.

Export to Excel

The State Transition Path will be exported to Excel like the figure below.



This output can be effective to be used as a test case.