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[Inconsistency Check] Repair a Sequence Diagram

We'll show you how to use the Inconsistency Check through creating a sample Sequence Diagram.
  • 1. Create a new project with Astah Professional
  • 2. Create a Class Diagram
  • 3. Create a Sequence Diagram
  • 4. Refine the Class Diagram and Sequence Diagram using Inconsistency Check

1. Create a new project with Astah Professional

Download Astah Professional and have the Inconsistency Check Plug-in installed. Now start Astah.

When you start Astah, a window opens as below.
Astah Professional

[Inconsistency Check] view

[Inconsistency Check] view should appear in the bottom pane below the Diagram Editor. The tab should say [Consistent]. You can show/hide this view from Menu View ‣ Show/Hide Extra View.

Astah Professional Inconsistency Check

2. Create a Class Diagram

Now let's create a Class Diagram.

  1. Go to Diagram ‣ Class Diagram from Main Menu.
  2. Select [Class] in the tool bar and then click on the Diagram Editor to create Classes.
  3. Astah Professional Inconsistency Check

  4. To add a Class, click a green bar icon in the Class and name it directly.
  5. Astah Professional Inconsistency Check

  6. Then create a Class diagram like as below.
  7. Astah Professional Inconsistency Check

3. Create a Sequence Diagram

Now let's create a Sequence Diagram.

  1. To create a Sequence Diagram, go to Diagram ‣ Sequence Diagram. Select a [Lifeline] in tool bar and click on diagram to create them.
  2. Astah Professional Inconsistency Check

  3. To create a Message, click on a Lifeline to start and click another to end. Let's say you have created a Sequence Diagram like below.
  4. Inconsistency Check in Astah

4. Refine the Class Diagram and Sequencec Diagram using Inconsistency Check

Let's take a look in the Inconsistency Check view to see what messages are there.

consistent 1

There two error messages.
No.1: The base class of the Lifeline(Lifeline0) doesn't exist.
No.2: There aren't any messages for the operation ({0})
Let's take care of the No.1. Set a base class for the Lineline0. To do so, select Lifeline0 and then add a base class from its Property View.
consistent 2

After the base class is set, the message disappears but a new one "The operation(Message0) doesn't exist." appears instead. So let's set an operation to Message0. To do so, select the Message0 in the diagram and then set Operation in its Property View.
consistent 3

The message disappears, but then a new one again "Cannot refer from source class (Class3) to target class (Class0)" appears.
consistent 1

To clear this, open a Class Diagram and let's add an association between Class3 to Class0.
consistent 1

The message disappears. Now there is one message left, No:2 "There isn't any message for the operation({0})".
In order to clear this error message, you need to allocate the operation properly to message. Select the operation0() message. (Or you could right-click the error message line in Inconsistency Check and select [All Related Diagrams] - [Sequence Diagram], it can directly select the target model element.)
consistent 1

Go to property view and then set an Operation by selecting one from its Pop-up menu.
consistent 1

Now you have all the error messages taken care of! As you can see, Inconsistency Check helps you to make sure that the models keep the consistency between Sequence Diagrams and Class Diagrams to accurate the designs to increase the quality.