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Here you can learn more about UML modeling in general as well as some tips and tricks to use Astah Professional.


We've also created a basic overview to help get started with Astah Share, and some in depth tutorials.

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Here you'll find several extensive PDFs that you can download for a detailed look at Astah, Mind Maps and using Astah in your software development process.

Latest Whitepaper

Modeling in the Agile Age: What to keep next to Code to Scale Agile Teams

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Now that Agile methods have become mainstream in software development, working code and automated tests are being considered as the most important team artifacts.

Is modeling obsolete? Is UML dead?

I don't think so. In this article, I’ll explore the spaces where modeling fits and plays an important role in this Agile age, especially when development scales to multiple teams and a shared understanding of the system's "Big Picture" becomes essential. Read More...