This page shows you how to set up your student license to Astah.
If you already have applied for a free student license, please download Astah UML while you are waiting for your license to be delivered via email.

If you do not have a free student license yet, please apply from this form.

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How to set license

  1. Download Astah UML.
  2. Launch Astah UML. If you are on Windows, run it as Administrator.
    Run Astah as an administrator

  3. If this is your first time launching Astah, it’ll run as a trial and you will get a pop-up like this. Click [OK].
    Astah UML First Launch

  4. Go to [Help] – [License] from the main menu.
    Access License Management Window

  5. License window opens, click [Set License Key] button and select the license file(astah_uml_license.xml) you downloaded.
    Astah UML License Setup

  6. You are all set!
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If license installation fails

If license installation fails, please try these steps:

  1. Close Astah UML.
  2. Save your student license file (.xml) in the Astah UML installation folder.
  3. Start Astah UML.
  4. Then your license file should be installed.