Perfect for Software Development

Visualize the essence of your ideas before you code.
Diagrams create a clear understanding among teams.

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Modeling for Teams of all Sizes

Astah provides the tools and platforms to help unleash your full potential.

A simple and lightweight UML modeling tool. The light edition of Astah Pro.

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A lightweight, and user friendly SysML modeling tool.

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GSN(Goal Structuring Notation) editor to create assuarance and safety cases.

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Trusted and Used by over millions of users

From educational institutions to Fortune 500 companies, Astah is used by millions of users worldwide.

What Sets Astah Apart

Simplicity, Quality, and Community are our three dividing priorities.

Excellent Customer Support

We're always trying to improve our products with our customers in mind.

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Abundant Online Content

You can find everything you need to start modeling online.

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Free Add-On Library

The extensive add-on library allows you to tailor our tools to your needs.

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Friends of Astah

Software developers, IT Consultants, even conference presenters all belong to the Friends of Astah.
They do awesome work, we are happy to support them.

Great tool for helping us visualize the essence of the problem and merge the knowledge of individuals into the collective understanding of the development team.

Mary Poppendieck, Author of"Lean Software Development"

At this point Astah is my default modeling tool.

Conner Doyle, Dev and Blogger

I have been using Astah for many years. Actually, I started with JUDE. Astah is a very simple and complete tool, yet easy to use. I have successfully recommend it to my students for a long time.

Jose Rodrigues, Founder of ScrumHalf P.O.

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