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    What our Users are Saying about Us

    It is really a great tool

    I looked and tested many UML tools, open-source and commercial. I don't need to look anymore, I found Astah.

    I instantly felt at home with the intuitive interface.

    My first experience with Astah was on the iPad. I instantly felt at home with the intuitive interface....The developers of Astah were also very responsive and gracious when I contacted them about the product. Overall, I couldn't be happier so far!

    I felt immediately comfortable with it

    What surprised me was that creating sequence diagrams in Astah feels so "natural", especially the versatile message numbering. This convinced me to use Astah, which is now my UML tool of choice.

    I'm very impressed

    I'm very impressed with its ease of use and how this has carried into aides to keep diagrams tidy. Astah was great to quickly create needed UML for a new book project.

    It makes it easier for students to create and modify UML diagrams

    I have set Astah... as the standard modeling tool used for teaching at both the Queensland University of Technology and the University of Liverpool.