Astah User's Guide

Statemachine Diagram


  • Go to [Diagram] - [Statemachine Diagram]
    Create a Statemachine diagram
  • Create from the Structure Tree

Hide Diagram Frame

Select the Statemachine Diagram in the Structure Tree, then check off the [Frame Visibility] in the Propety view.

TIPS: Hide diagram frame by default
You can hide diagram frame by default in the System Properties.

Statemachine Diagram Tool Palatte

This is the tool palatte of Statemachine Diagram, for all the common tools, check out here.

Statemachine Diagram Toolbar

Initial StateInitial Pseudo State
Submachine StateSubmachine State
Final StateFinal State
Entry PointEntry Point
Exit PointExit Point
shallowH.pngShallow History Pseudo State
MergeDeep History Pseudo State
JunctionPointJunction Pseudo State
JoinChoice Pseudo State
ForkFork Pseudo State
JoinJoin Pseudo State
StubStateStubState In Submachine State

Initial Pseudo State


Select [Initial Pseudo State] from the Tool palatte and click on a diagram.
Initial State

TIPS: Create multiple Initial Pseudo States on a diagram.
You can create multiple Initial Pseudo States by changing the setting in the System Properties.


There are three ways to create States.

  1. Double click on the Statemachine Diagram.
  2. Choose [State] from the Tool palatte and click on Diagram.
  3. Choose [State] from the Tool palatte and click on the Transition line.

Show State in the Structure Tree

By default, States won't appear on the Structure Tree. So in order to show them, you need to change the setting in the System properties.

  1. Go to [Tools] - [System Properties] - [Project View].
  2. Check [Show States and Submachine States in the Structure Tree], then click [Apply] - [OK].
  3. Now States appear on the Structure Tree.

Insert States between States

You can insert a new State between existing ones that are connected by Transition line.

  1. Select [State] from the tool palatte
    Select state
  2. Have your mouse over the Transition line where you want to insert a new State.
    Insert a state
  3. Click on the Transition line then a new state will be inserted.
    Insert a state

Add Region


To add an region, choose [Add Region] from State's pop-up menu and choose vertical or horizontal.