Here’re some frequently-asked questions about Astah Faculty Site License.

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Q: Can I silent-install Astah?

A: Yes, you can install Astah in silent mode with the following command.

e.g: Installing Astah Professional 9.2.0
astah-professional-9_2_0-0248cd-jre-64bit-setup.exe /verysilent

If you would like to install Astah to a specific directory, use /DIR option.

astah-professional-9_2_0-0248cd-jre-64bit-setup.exe /verysilent /DIR=”the destination of installation folder”
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Q: Astah does not recognize the license file that I deployed in Astah’s installation folder. Why?

You need to rename the license file when directly saving it in the Astah Installation folder as below.

Astah Professional

“astah_faculty_license.xml” -> “astah_professional_license.xml”

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Q: Astah would not let me choose my Faculty Site License file. What can I do?

Please make sure that you have the correct license file for each product.

License file name
Target product
astah_faculty_license.xmlAstah Professional
astah_faculty_sysml.licAstah SysML
astah_faculty_system_safety.licAstah System Safety