Renewing Astah Faculty Site License

This page describes how to renew Astah Faculty Site License.

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How to renew

  1. Please purchase another Faculty Site License from online store or distributors.

  2. In most cases, you will be receiving the updated license files after you purchase it. So if you already have the updated license files, please distribute them to users and have them reset them to Astah.

    If you have not received the updated license files, please follow the instruction below to generate the license files.

  3. Log into CV Members site with an account where your current license is registered then click [License Management].
    License Management Menu

  4. Your license information appears. Choose [Renew this license] and click [Next].
    * Your license information appears only if it is within your license validity period. If it was expired already, please register as new.
    Renew Astah License

  5. Enter NEW license information and click [Next].
    renew Astah license

  6. Make sure that your email address and new support expiry dates are correct, then click [Register License].
    Confirm License Renewal

  7. Email is sent to you. Access the URL in the email and download the updated license files.
    Or you can directly download it from the website.

  8. Distribute the license files to all the end users. Once they receive them, they need to go to [Help] – [License] – [Set License key] and specify the updated license files. Please read Client Setup.