Getting Started

Thank you for purchasing Astah Faculty Site License!
This page shows you how to activate your purchased Faculty Site license.
If you already have a license file (“astah_faculty_license.xml”) delivered, you can skip this step and move to the Installation & Client Setup for your license distribution.

If you do not have “astah_faculty_license.xml” file yet, please have the License Number and Validation Code ready and issue the license file by following the instruction below.

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Register License

  1. Log into CV Members site and click [License Registration]. (Create an account if you don’t have it yet.)

  2. Enter the license number and validation code. Click [Add].

  3. Choose the start date of your license, then click [Next].

  4. Make sure that your email address is correct, then click [Register License].

  5. Email is sent to you. Access the URL in the email and download the license file.
    Or you can directly download it from the website.

  6. Distribute this license file to all the faculty and students who need to use Astah.
    Now go to Installation and Client Setup.