Frequently Asked Questions

Can I transfer a license to someone in my company? How?

Yes, you can transfer an Astah License to someone else within the same company. The License must still be under support. In the case of a Perpetual License with expired support you must extend the support with a Support Renewal License.

    1. Current user logs into the Change Vision Members site
    2. Select [License Management]
      license transfer 1

    3. License information will be shown, choose the license you wish to transfer and select [Apply for license transfer] from the dropdown menu and then click [Next]
      license transfer 2

    4. Fill out the name and email address of the new user, and choose the reason for the transfer and click [Next]
      license transfer 3

    5. This will send a License Transfer request to us. Please wait for our response. When the request has been approved, the notification and a license key file will be sent to the new user.

    If the current user has left or retired from the corporation and you wish to transfer his / her license to someone else, please contact us with the following information.

    • License Information (License number and Validation code)
    • Information about the current user (Name and email address)
    • Information about the new user (Name and contact email address)
    • Company information (Name, Address, Postal code and Phone number to reach the new user)