Frequently Asked Questions

How does an end user activate a license?

  1. The end user downloads Astah Professional from our website. Astah Professional can be downloaded here.
  2. Launch Astah Professional as an Administrator and go to [Tool] - [License] - [Set License] and select the license key file received from the License Manager.
    Set License Key
  3. The [Node Count License Activation Setting] dialog will open. Input your desired user name and click [OK]. (For example: John Smith on Windows. This name will be used in the license control view which License Manager uses to view the current users.)
    Node Count Internal Naming
  4. Once the Activation completes a confirmation dialog will open. Click [OK] and start using Astah.
    Activation Completed
  5. Once the initial activation has been completed, you Astah can be used without a network connection.

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