FAQ - Bug Report

Where can I find Astsah log files?

When you are asked to send log files along with your bug report, please send the 2 log files that are stored in your home directory:

Astah Professional
USER_HOME\.astah\professional\astah_pro.log and astah.log

Astah UML
USER_HOME\.astah\uml\astah_uml.log and astah.log

Astah SysML
USER_HOME\.astah\sysml\astah_sysml.log and astah.log

Astah GSN
USER_HOME\.astah\gsn\astah_gsn.log and astah.log

If your report is about the feature by using Plug-ins, please send us the plug-in logfiles which are stored in the same directory.

Some Plug-in log files

  1. C++ Reverse Plugin: cplusreverse.log
  2. C# Reverse Plugin: csharpreverse.log
  3. Easy Code Reverse Plugin: easycodereverse.log
  4. State Transition Table: statematrix.log
  5. State Transition Path: statepath.log
  6. DB Reverse Plug-in: dbreverse.log