FAQ - Installation & Setup

How can I change a Machine to use Astah?

  1. Make a back up files of the following on your curremt machine if you have:
    • Plugins: Userhome/.astah/xxx(edition)/plugins
    • User templates: Userhome/.astah/xxx(edition)/template
    • Customized UseCase Description template: Userhome/.astah/xxx(edition)/UCDescriptionProp.properties
    • Customized system properties: Userhome/.astah/xxx(edition)/Judex.properties

  2. Uninstall Astah completely from the current machine
  3. Download and install Astah on new machine
  4. Restore the back up data to the new machine.
  5. Have your license file reissued and set from [Help] - [License] - [Set License Key].