FAQ - Installation & Setup

I want to use a specific version of the JavaVM

Yes, you may but please read the Note first.


Technical support is not provided if you are using Astah on unsupported requirements.
If alert below appears, add-nojvchk option at launch.


  1. Have your preferred JDK installed on your PC
  2. Rename the "jre" folder in the Astah install folder to something else
  3. Astah detects the latest Java (Should be the Java you installed at step 1) in your PC and then automatically uses it to run


  1. Copy a "jre" folder in the JDK installation folder you prefer to use
  2. Right-click Astah App and select [Show Package Contents] from its pop-up menu
  3. Pasete the "jre" folder under Contents/Plugins/JDK/Contents/Home.


Please refer to How to run Astah on Linux.