Plug-ins & Integrations

Tailor Astah to fit your needs with free add-ons! This library of plug-ins has been developed by Astah and Friends of Astah to help further customize the software. Learn more about the options already available, or build your own Astah plug-in.
* No technical support is provided for listed plug-ins.

If you have any ideas that you’d like to implement via Plug-ins to Astah SysML, check out this “Astah plugin ideas” repository Zsolt Sandor, Friends of Astah / a founder of Systems Engineering Professionals Community launched!

Create Your Own Plugin and Integration!

Don't see what you're looking for, or want to further customize Astah to your own needs? With our SDK, API, and extensive tutorials, you can.

Pro UML SystemSafety SysML

DB Reverse

Easiest way to import database tables into Astah, and auto-generate ER Diagrams with imported tables quickly.



Export ER models to HTML files with one click.


Import ER from Excel

Import ER models from Excel to Astah all at once.


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