This is the final page of this Quick SysML Diagram Tutorial!
Last one is a Statemachine diagram. Let’s depict States of the SUV driving operation.
This Statemachine diagram is the same as the “HSUVOperationalStates” in the sample project file included in the installer.

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Statemachine Diagram

  1. If you are starting the tutorial from this page, you can download Astah SysML and a sample file which contains all the diagrams throughout the previous chapters.
  2. Right-click on a “HSUV” block in the structure tree.
  3. Then select [Create Diagram] – [Statemachine Diagram] from the pop-up menu.
  4. Then a blank Statemachine Diagram will open in the diagram editor.
  5. Rename it to “HSUVOperationalStates”.
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Create Objects

Let’s create States.
You must know how to create Objects in Diagram Editor by now.
Select a model from the tool palette then place it on the diagram.
In the Statemachine diagram, you can just double-click on the diagram to create States.

You can hide the compartment inside states from [Action Visibility] on State’s Pop-up menu.

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Let’s connect each state with an arrow that shows the transition of the state.
Select the “Transition” button on the tool palette and connect the states.

The label appear beside the transition lines are “Triggers”. You can directly type the trigger label right after the transition is created or from the Property View later on.

Now you have created the Statemachine Diagram!
You can also download the complete file that contains all the diagrams that were created throughout this tutorial!

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So this is the end of this Quick SysML Diagram Tutorial.
We hope this tutorial has helped you create SysML diagrams with Astah.
If you have any questions about this tutorial, please feel free to contact us at any time!