Astah User's Guide

Entity Definition Report

You can export all the Entity list into Excel File.

Entity Definition Report

Export Entity Definition Report

Go to [Tools] - [ER Diagrams] - [Export Entity Definition Report].

Entity Definition Report

Export Attributes and TaggedValues

Logical Name of Attribute$each.entity.each.attribute.logical_name
Physical Name of Attribute$each.entity.each.attribute.physical_name
Domain Name of Attribute$each.entity.each.attribute.domain
Primary Key Flag of Attribute$
Foreign Key Flag of Attribute$
NotNull Flag of Attribute$each.entity.each.attribute.notnull
Reference of Attribute$each.entity.each.attribute.ref
Datatype of Attribute$each.entity.each.attribute.type
Length/Precision of Attribute$each.entity.each.attribute.length_precision
Initial Value of Attribute$each.entity.each.attribute.initial_value
TaggedValue of Attribute$each.entity.each.attribute.initial_value


Create a Template

  1. Go to [Tool]-[ER Diagram]-[Export Entity Definition Report] in the Main menu, and select [New Template] button on dialog.
  2. Set a template name to save the template file.