FAQ - Organizational Licensing

How do I renew an Organizational License?

If you have Perpetual

Purchase Astah Organizational Support Renewal License, we will proceed the renewal and send you a confirmation via email.

If you have Annual

  1. Purchase Astah Organizational Annual licenses.
  2. License manager logs into CV Members site and click [License Management].
  3. Your current license information appears. Choose [Add/Renew Licenses] and click [Next].
  4. Enter license number and validation code of NEW Organizational License and click [Add].
  5. Click [Next].
  6. Make sure that your email address is correct, then click [Register License].
  7. Now the license renewal is complete. When an end-user launches Astah, it automatically updates the end-users license if the machine is connected to the network.

    If Astah is used off-line, the end-user needs to connect to the network to detect the update, or manually set updated license key file.