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Astah Plug-in SDK Command List

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Astah Menu ID ListΒΆ

Menu ID
File file
Edit edit
Diagram diagram
Alignment alignment
View view
Tool tool
Window window
Help help
New file/new
New By Template file/new_template
Open file/open
Save file/save
Save As file/saveas
Close file/close
Merge Project file/import_model_by_uuid
Reference Model Management file/refer_model_management
Compare Project file/compare_project
Print Setup (Project)) file/print_setup
Print Setup (Diagram) file/print_setup_dgm
Print Preview file/print_preview
Print file/print
Preview Multi file/preview_multi
Print Multi file/print_multi
Exit file/exit
Undo edit/undo
Redo edit/redo
Copy edit/copy
Copy to Clipboard edit/copys
Paste edit/paste
Copy Style edit/style_copy
Paste Style edit/style_paste
Delete from Model edit/delete_from_model
Delete from Diagram edit/delete_from_diagram
Line Style edit/line_style
Shared Style edit/shared_style
Stereotype edit/stereotype
Set Color edit/set_color
Set Line Color edit/set_line_color
Set Font Color edit/set_font_color
Set Color for Stereotype edit/stereotype_color
Search on Diagram edit/dgm_search
Select All edit/select_all
Depth Arrangement edit/arrange_depth
Class Diagram diagram/class_diagram
UseCase Diagram diagram/usecase_diagram
Satemachine Diagram diagram/state_chart_diagram
Activity Diagram diagram/activity_diagram
Sequence Diagram diagram/sequence_diagram
Communication Diagram diagram/collaboration_diagram
Component Diagram diagram/component_diagram
Deployment Diagram diagram/deployment_diagram
Composite Structure Diagram diagram/compositestructure_diagram
Flowchart diagram/flow_chart_diagram
Data Flow Diagram diagram/data_flow_diagram
ER Diagram diagram/er_diagram
CRUD diagram/crud_diagram
Mindmap diagram/mind_map_diagram
Requirement Diagram diagram/requirement_diagram
Requirement Table diagram/requirement_table
Align Horizontally alignment/align_horizontally
Align Vertically alignment/align_vertically
Adjust Size alignment/align_size
Auto Layout alignment/auto_layout
Partial Auto Layout alignment/partial_layout
Zoom view/zoom
Zoom In view/zoom_in
Zoom Out view/zoom_out
Fit to Window view/fit_window
Back to Previous Editor view/drop_down_back_list
Forward to Next Editor view/drop_down_forward_list
Show/Hide Project View view/show_hide_project_view
Show/Hide Extend View view/show_hide_plugin_view
Look & Feel view/ui
Alias view/alias
Export Image tool/export_image
Export Html (javadoc) tool/export_html
Export CSV tool/export_csv
XML Input & Output tool/xmi
Export RTF tool/export_rtf
Mindmap tool/mindmap
Java tool/java
C# tool/c_sharp
C++ tool/c_plus
ER Diagram tool/er
CRUD tool/crud
Requirement tool/requirement
Traceability Map tool/traceability
Set Template tool/template
Search Invalid Hyperlinks tool/search_invalid_hyperlinks
Import User Defined TaggedValue tool/update_custom_taggedvalue
External Tool tool/external_tool
Correct Model tool/correct_model
License tool/check_license
Project tool/project_property
System Properties tool/system_property
Close window/close_current
Close Left Tabs window/close_left
Close Right Tabs window/close_right
Close Others window/close_other
Close All window/close_all
Alignment window/alignment
Astah Website help/jude_home
Astah Community Site help/jude_community
Astah Reference Manual help/jude_help
Welcome to Astah Professional help/welcome
Bug Information help/bug_info_community
Astah Support help/jude_support_site
Plugin List help/plugin_list
Software Update Information help/check_version
Version Information help/version