Mind Mapping

[Edtions: Astah Professional, SysML and GSN]

A Mind Map is a powerful way of visualizing your thoughts and expanding your ideas endlessly. For brainstorming, taking quick notes at a meeting, or taking notes on User Requirements Mind Maps can be widely used to visualize objectives and inspire ideas. Furthermore, Mind Map topics can be converted to UML and other diagrams models in Astah. See our Demo Video

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Convert Mind Map to UML and other diagram models

Mind Map topics can be easily converted to UML or other diagram models using the drag-and-drop interface in Astah. Gather User Requirements with a Mind Map and then create a UseCase Diagram based on them, or brainstorm using a Mind Map and create a conceptual Class Diagram, etc.

user requirments
Read our guide: "Zen and the art of User Requirments"

Plug-ins with other tools

Useful Functions in Astah's Mind Mapping

Export image files, PowerPoint and RTF Document

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Pre-installed Mind Map Style Templates

Astah's 6 pre-installed Style Templates make your Mind Map great looking instantly. You are also able to create your own Template.

Floral Style
user requirments
Aqua Style
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36 Pre-installed Mind Map Templates to quickly create Mind Maps

Astah Provides 36 useful Mind Map Templates (Notes, Minutes, Event Planning, Etc). Template files are stored in the Astah install folder/template/mindmap.

Mind Map Templates include: 4C, 4P, 5W's and 2H's, 7P, 7S, AIDMA, AISAS, Business Report, Company Analysis, Competitor Analysis, Customer Analysis, Sales Analysis, SWOT Analysis, Pricing, Corporate Profile, Event(Basic), Event Planning, Financial Resources, Five Forces, Refection(KPT), Market Position, Preparation for Meeting, Personl Interview, Resume, Minutes, NFR, Project Management, Project Members, Promotion, User Requirements (shown below), Software Quality, Software Process, Party, Travel, ToDo

user requirments
User Requirement Mind Map

Split Mind Map

You are able to cut a Mind Map Topic and make a new Mind Map using it as it's 'Root Topic'

Search and Replace Mind Map / Topic

You can easily search and replace strings for Topics in Mind Maps.

Add images and icons for each topic

You can add images and icons to topics to make your Mind Maps more expressive and fun.