UML Diagrams

Astah supports UML 2.x diagrams.

UML Class Diagram

Class Diagram

Class diagram is a type of static structure diagram that describes the structure of a system and can notate problematic domain.

Object diagrams, Package diagrams and Robustness diagrams can be also created using Class diagram canvas in Astah.

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Usecase Diagram

UseCase diagram describes what kind of service the system provides users by drawing relationships between system functions (UseCase) and external environment (Actor).
Mindmaps are included in Astah, so that you can gather and organize user requirements using Mindmaps then turn those mindmaps into UseCase models such as UseCases and Actors.

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UML Usecase Diagram

UML Statemachine Diagram

Statemachine Diagram

Statemachine diagram describes transitions of events that an object has. Free plugins are available to add:

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Activity Diagram

Activity diagram describes a process flow just how general Flowchart does.
You can switch Action nodes to any icons/images you like to increase the power or visualization.

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UMLActivity Diagram

UML Sequence Diagram

Sequence Diagram

Sequence diagram is one of the Interaction diagrams and describes interactions between object's interactions in time sequence.

In Astah, you can drag Classes and Actors into Sequence diagrams to create Lifelines, and also create messages with operations that are defined in Class diagrams.
This is a power of "modeling tool" that drawing tools cannot do.

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Communication Diagram

Communication diagram is one of the Interaction diagrams and describes communications between objects especially looking into messages closely.

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UML Communication Diagram

UML Component Diagram

Component Diagram

Component Diagram describes dependency relationships between Components.

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Deployment Diagram

Deployment Diagram describes a system structure and which components are allocated to which nodes.

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UML Deployment Diagram

UMLComposite Structure Diagram

Composite Structure Diagram

Composite Structure Diagram describes internal structure in Classes.

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