UML Features

Astah supports the UML 2.x. requirements for Class(Object/Package/Robustness), UseCase, Sequence, Communication, Statemachine, Activity, Component, Deployment, and Composite Structure Diagrams. Many models are easily converted between different UML 2.x diagrams such as Mind Maps, ER Diagrams and more.

Class Diagram

UseCase Diagram
UseCase Diagram

Statemachine Diagram
Statemachine Diagram

Activity Diagram
Activity Diagram

Sequence Diagram
Sequence Diagram

Communication Diagram
Communication Diagram

Component Diagram
Component Diagram

Deployment Diagram
Deployment Diagram

Composite Structure Diagram
Composite Structure Diagram

UML2.x Support

All UML diagramsFrame
Class DiagramProvided Interface / Required Interface
Composite Structure DiagramStructured Class / Part / External Part / Connector / Port / Usage Dependency /
Provided Interface / Required Interface
UseCase Diagram,
Deployment Diagram,
Composite Structure Diagram
Unspecified Association
Sequence DiagramInteraction Use / CombinedFragment / StateInvariant / Found Message / Lost Message /
Gate (Gate for CombinedFragment is not supported) / Lifeline (Object) /
ExecutionSpecification (Activation) / Reply Message (Return Message)
Component DiagramModel element of Component (UML2.0) / Part / Connector /
Port / Provided Interface / Required Interface / Usage Dependency
Activity Diagram Input Pin / Output Pin / Accept Time Event Action / Weight for Control (Flow/Object) Flow and Property settings for Ordering / Upper Bound / Control / Effect / Exception and Stream
Object DiagramInstance SpecificationObject
Communication DiagramCommunication DiagramCollaboration Diagram
Activity DiagramPartition (Horizontal) *Swimlane
* Partition (Horizontal) is UML1.x element. You can create partition
both of Horizontal Partition and Vertical Partition mixed in astah*.
Partition (Vertical)Swimlane
Horizontal Dimension-
Vertical Dimension-
CallbehaviorActionSubActivity State
Initial NodeInitial State
Activity FinalFinal State
Decision NodeDecision
Merge NodeMerge
Fork NodeFork
Join NodeJoin
ControlFlow, ObjectFlowTransition
Object NodeObjectFlow State
Statemachine DiagramInitial PseudostateInitial State
ShallowHistory PseudostateShallowHistory
DeepHistory PseudostateDeepHistory
Junction PseudostateJunction
Choice PseudostateChoice
Fork PseudostateFork
Join PseudostateJoin