The CS Entire view provides a view of the whole structured Components in another window.
This is extremely helpful to see the entire view of the system when the interactions between Components are defined over several diagrams.

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How to open CS Entire view

To open the CS Entire view, go to [Tools] – [STAMP/STPA] – [Show CS Entire View].
Open CS Entire View

Or you can click [Show CS Entire View] from [Control Structure Diagram]’s context menu.

An independent window opens to show the picture of the hierarchical control structure.

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Display Components in different levels

You can change the view of the Component structure by changing the level from [Level 1 -3 and all].
Change display levels in CS Entire View

You can show/hide the nested Components by clicking the +/- icons on the top-right of the Components.

Show and hide nested Components