Changing the Font

  1. To modify the font used in tables, first select a root topic in the tree view, then click the [Default Font] button.
    Change font

  2. Choose your desired font style. This selection will apply to all text within the project and be set as the default.
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Setting Default Object Size

  • You can define the default size for Components and Notes in Control Structure Diagrams and Control Loop Diagrams.
  • Navigate to [Tools] → [System Properties] → [STAMP/STPA] → [Default Item Size].
  • Check the box and enter the desired width and height values. Confirm by clicking [Apply] → [OK].
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Setting Default Object Color

  • To set a default color for objects like Components, Feedback lines, and Control Action lines in Control Structure and Control Loop Diagrams:
  • Go to [Tools] → [System Properties] → [STAMP/STPA] → [Default Item Color].
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Disabling Automatic ID Creation

  • Astah System Safety automatically assigns IDs to newly created items (such as preconditions, losses, hazards, Safety Constraints, etc.).
  • To disable this automatic ID assignment:
    1. Go to [Tools] → [System Properties] → [STAMP/STPA] → [Other].
    2. Uncheck the relevant box to stop automatic ID generation.