Hint Words are what you can use when you identify scenarios.
You can open the Hint Word set in the Control Loop Diagrams and Loss Scenario Tables.

Control Loop Diagram and HintWord together
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Pre-installed Hint Word Set

There is a pre-installed hintword set called [STPA Handbook] in Astah System Safety.
Hintword Preview

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Customize Hint Word

You can customize the Hint words to make them fit your analysis.
To do so, go to [Tools] – [STAMP/STPA] – [Customize Hintword] from main menu.
Customizing Hintwords

A window opens. You can add, delete edit the existing hintwords to make them as you need.
A dialogue to customize Hintwords

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Set your default Hintword set

To set a default hintword set to meet your STPA analysis, go to [Tools] – [STAMP/STPA] – [Customize Hintword] from main menu.
Choose one you want to set as a default set and click [Set as Default].
Set current hintword set as default

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Share customized HintWord set within a team

If you want to share the customized HintWord set with the other team members. You can export the Hintword set and share with a team.

1. Go to [Tools] – [STAMP/STPA] – [Customize Hintword] from main menu.
2. Choose a Hintword set you want to share with others.
3. Click [Export].
Exporting the current Hintword set

4. The hintword set will be exported to where you specified as .xml file. Please pass this .xml file to the others you want to share with.

5. They can load this Hintword set by importing it by clicking [Import] button.
Importing the Hintword set