Developing Astah Plug-ins

Our current Plug-ins help to extend the usability and flexability of Astah, you can customize the source code of existing Plug-ins so that it is tailored speicificly for you. You can also create your own Plug-in to add a new specific abilitie that you want with the Astah SDK and API.

Resources to develop Astah Plug-ins

This development guide is now available in Portuguese. (1st Part / 2nd Part).

Customize current Plug-ins

The source code for many of our Plug-ins is available on GitHub or bitbucket. Get the source code and customize them on your own.

Publish your Plug-ins

We encourage you to publish your own Plug-ins on the Astah Community Site, and share your Plug-ins with others! There are forums where you can talk about Astah Plug-ins on the Astah Community Site and of course on our Facebook wall. Also, feel free to let us know what Plug-ins you would like to see in the future by e-mailing us. We always look forward to ideas from our users!

Sample Plug-in

(Sample: Adding an extended view)