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Let’s set up the development environment for Astah Plug-ins

We provide Astah Plug-in SDK on our website which is based on Maven3.

Let’s set up your development environment for Astah Plug-ins! System Requirements for this environment are same as Astah’s.

At first, extract the Astah Plug-in SDK to a folder and then set the following environment variables.

  • Add [ASDK_HOME] and specify the folder where you deployed the Astah Plug-in SDK:

    e.g.) set ASDK_HOME=C:\dev\astah-plugin-SDK-1.0
  • Specify “%ASDK_HOME%\bin” (“$ ASDK_HOME /bin” if you are using Linux or Mac OS X) folder to [PATH], where the excutable files of Astah Plug-in SDK’s exist:

    e.g.) set PATH=%ASDK_HOME%\bin;%PATH%

Then run the command below.

> asdk

If the below appears, that means installation of Astah Plug-in SDK is completed.

> astah* Plug-in SDK version: 1.0

Now, run the command below to make sure Astah launches on the SDK.:

> astah-launch

Then Astah should launch now.


If Astah doesn’t launch by the command, please check the settings.xml and set the correct location, Astah’s edition and OS you use in the <profile/> in the %ASDK_HOME%\conf\settings.xml as below.

  <id>astah-professional-windows</id> <!-- Specify the correct edition of Astah and OS you use.  -->
                                      <!-- In this case,Astah Professional is used on Windows. -->
      <exists>C:/Program Files/astah-professional/astah-pro.jar</exists>  <!-- Make sure to specify the correct path -->
    <astahPath>C:/Program Files/astah-professional</astahPath>  <!-- Make sure to specify the correct path -->
       <name>Local Astah* Plugin Repository</name>


Astah Plug-in SDK is using Maven 3 internally.