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Astah Plug-in Development Tutorial

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Let’s set up the development environment for Astah Plug-ins

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Astah Plug-in architecture

astah* plugin archtecture

When you launch Astah it will load all Plug-ins that are are located in the folder: Userhome\.astah\professional(Astah's edition)\plugins. The Plug-in files need to be .jar format and also to be OSGi bundle because Astah’s Plug-ins architecture uses OSGi [1] Runtime.

We’ve prepared SDK [2] for you to develop Astah Plug-ins with which automatically packages OSGi bundle and also allows you to use Plug-ins on Astah without storing them in the “plugin” folder in Astah Install folder during your development of Plug-ins. Now let’s set up the development environment for Astah Plug-ins.

You can find all the samples used in this tutorial in examples/tutorialsamples. Please refer to them if your Plug-in did not work on Astah.