SysML 1.3 (October 9, 2014)

Released: October 9, 2014

Set “Represent” for Partitions

You can now set a “Represent” for each Partition in Activity diagrams. In version 1.3 a new field is added to the [Base] tab in the Partition’s Property View. Select a Partition in the diagram and then set its Represent from [Represent] field.

‘Actor’ parts in Internal Block Diagrams

Now you can create an ‘Actor’ Part in Internal Block Diagrams. There are two ways to create an ‘Actor’ Part:

Method 1:

Create an ordinary Part in a diagram and then select an Actor from the [Target] field in that Part’s Property View to be associated with this Part.

Method 2:

Directly drag and drop an Actor onto an Internal Block Diagram from the Structure Tree.

There are three ways to represent this ‘Actor’ part in a diagram. Select one of Normal, Icon or Symbol from [Icon Notation] on the ActorsPart’s Pop-up menu.

Connector’s property configuration

Configuring the Connector’s property has become easier! Now you can set an Association Name and Multiplicity to the Connectors without setting a Type to them first. You can configure Association End and Multiplicity for Connectors on the [Association End A (or B)] tab in Connector’s Property View.