SysML 1.3 (October 9, 2014)

Released: October 9, 2014

Set “Represent” for Partitions

You can now set a “Represent” for each Partition in Activity diagrams. In version 1.3 a new field is added to the [Base] tab in the Partition’s Property View. Select a Partition in the diagram and then set its Represent from [Represent] field.

Assigning Block as a Represent

‘Actor’ parts in Internal Block Diagrams

Now you can create an ‘Actor’ Part in Internal Block Diagrams. There are two ways to create an ‘Actor’ Part:

Method 1:

Create an ordinary Part in a diagram and then select an Actor from the [Target] field in that Part’s Property View to be associated with this Part.

Setting Target Actor to Parts

Method 2:

Directly drag and drop an Actor onto an Internal Block Diagram from the Structure Tree.

Dragging Actor to SysML Internal Block Diagram

There are three ways to represent this ‘Actor’ part in a diagram. Select one of Normal, Icon or Symbol from [Icon Notation] on the ActorsPart’s Pop-up menu.

Connector’s property configuration

Configuring the Connector’s property has become easier! Now you can set an Association Name and Multiplicity to the Connectors without setting a Type to them first. You can configure Association End and Multiplicity for Connectors on the [Association End A (or B)] tab in Connector’s Property View.

Astah SysML Connector Properties