SysML 1.3.1 (July 30, 2015)

Released: July 30, 2015
Model Version compatibility link: 40

Fixed Bugs

  • [3371] Nested parts are shown behind Parent Parts in Internal Block Diagram
  • [6096] Nested part can only be shown on one parent part
  • [6355] Color buttons on [Set Color for Stereotype] dialog are too small to click
  • [6369] Unable to wrap text in Requirement Tables and UseCase Description
  • [6366] Configuration in [Default Item Size] under System Properties does not apply
  • [6077] Deleting Realization could also delete Interfaces
  • [5755] The Combined fragment becomes parent-child relationship when moving it toward another Combined fragment in the Sequence diagram.
  • [6195] Modifying Parameter type on diagram could switch the order of Parameters inside the Operation