SysML 1.1 (February 17, 2014)

Released: February 17, 2014
Model Version compatibility link: 38

New Features & Improvements

  • Astah SysML API Release
  • Plug-in architecture
  • Official Multi-platform release
  • You are now able to move the following models at once:
    • Ports in Block Definition Diagram and Internal Block Diagram
    • Constraint Parameters in Parametric Diagram
    • Pins and Parameter Nodes in Activity Diagram
  • [Align Port] menu is added to Blocks and Interface Blocks’ Pop-up menu.
  • Able to add <continuous> stereotypes to Object Nodes in Activity Diagram
  • Setting “stream” to Object Nodes’s stream automatically adds {stream} to the ObjectFlows.
  • [Line(Right Angle)] is now a default line style in Block Definition Diagram.
  • Now default visibility setting for Ports and Block’s attributes compartment are off in Block Definition Diagram.
  • [Copy] is now available when the entire model selected in Activity Diagram.
  • [Information Flow Dependency] has been added to the drop-down menu of [Dependency] on the toolbar in Block Definition Diagram.
  • Now [Set Relation End to the center of the item] option is off by default in Block Definition Diagram
  • The followings are added to Port’s Property View:
    • [Hyperlink] tab
    • [Dependency] tab
    • Definition field in [Base] tab
  • Now you are able to change the visibility setting to Dependency’s Stereotypes individually in Block Definition Diagram.
  • Now you are able to specify the default color up to 30 stereotypes from [Default Stereotype Color] in the System Properties.
  • Now Dependency’s initial visibility setting can be configured from [Initial Visibility 1] in the System Properties.
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Fixed Bugs

  • [1280] Nimonic appears on some main menu such as [Menu], [Diagram] [Internal Block Diagram]..etc on Mac.
  • [1373] Moving the Block which has a port on its left side toward the top left in diagram automatically makes the diagram frame size bigger.
  • [1442] Value type becomes Read-Only after adding it to [SysML] package and opening its node in the Structure Tree.
  • [2801] Deleting chosen Mind Map topics also deletes other non-related topics.
  • [3084] [3085] An exception occurs when trying to export Mind Maps to RTF or PPT to the directory which you do not have permission to write to.
  • [3108] .bak files of images are not properly updated on Windows.
  • [3163] An exception error occurs when splitting a Mind Map into a new one at the 5th level of Floating Topics.
  • [3539] Switching Ports of Usage/Realization by Drag and Drop generates invalid models.
  • [3380] Directly editing Parameters of Constraint Blocks on the diagram makes its Type as “int” automatically.
  • [3400] Pressing [Fn + Delete] during editing model names on the diagram deletes its model itself on Mac.
  • [3600] Initial Visibility of [Operation Compartment] does not apply property.
  • [3611] The Stereotype of Ports still remains on the diagram even after switching the visibility setting of Ports off.
  • [3730] Pressing [Ctrl + D] to the Frame of Parametric Diagram of Constraint Block deletes its Constraint Block and Parametric Diagram all together.
  • [3879] [Initial Visibility] setting of Block Definition diagram does not apply to Constraint Blocks and Value Types that are created by dragging and dropping onto the diagram from the Structure Tree.
  • [4052] [Initial Visibility] setting of diagrams does not apply to Blocks properly that are added by [Show Related Elements] of Port’s Pop-up menu.
  • [4055] Unable to move multiple lines all at once.
  • [4082] Clicking the endpoint of lines shortens its line itself.
  • [4231] During modifying Internal Block Diagram, it automatically resets the order of Parts.
  • [4472] Resizing a diagram frame or Parts changes the position of ports on them.
  • [4473] Adding Ports to Blocks in Block Definition Diagram lets you not to make the diagram frame smaller.