SysML v9.0 (March 12, 2024)

Released: March 12, 2024
Model Version compatibility link: 10
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Wrap Block Names

You can now wrap block names into multiple lines. In previous versions, a block name had to be shown in one line in a Block, and it wouldn’t allow you to drag a Block to wrap names. In this version, you can finally drag any corner of a Block to change its size.
This makes diagrams easier to read and more visually accessible than before!

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Creation of Activities as Blocks in BDD

Effortlessly create Activities as Blocks within Block Definition Diagrams by dragging and dropping an Activity diagram from the structure tree. This process automatically generates Blocks with <<activity>> keyword. The same method applies to other behavior diagrams, including Sequence and Statemachine diagrams. Enhance your navigation experience with the ability to double-click these blocks for instant access to the corresponding detailed diagrams.

Drag and drop behavior diagrams in Block Definition Diagram.
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Improved Usability in State Machine Diagrams

In state machine diagrams, it is now possible to insert states in the midst of transitions, enhancing the ease of creating and modifying these diagrams.

Inserting a state on a diagram
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Non-Overlapping Wiring Assistance

The creation and modification of right-angle lines have been improved to minimize overlap with other diagram elements, enhancing clarity and readability.

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Extended API Compatibility

API support has been expanded, making it easier to use than ever before. This includes model checking, automated editing, and automatic generation of secondary products. The API now also supports merging.

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Model Name Copying

Models can now be copied from the structure tree or tables, allowing you to paste model names as text into other applications.

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Other General Enhancements:

[2398] Added a “Let’s Develop Plugins” option in the plugin menu.
Plug-in Menu in Astah SysML

This menu takes you to our Plug-in Tutorial Page where you can learn all about Astah’s plugin development.
Astah SysML Plugin Development Tutorial

A number of free plug-ins that work for Astah SysML is increasing in the last couple of months.
Please take a look at our Plug-in library and explore all the exciting features that you can add to Astah!
Astah SysML Plug-in Library

[2422] Implemented display of shortcut keys for line styles in the context menu.
[2475] Enabled automatic selection of product type when making support inquiries from the product.
[2550] Enabled pinch-to-zoom functionality on Mac.
[9730] Enhanced Copy-Paste Functionality for Model Names: When copying and pasting a model in a structure tree or table, the text previously represented the model’s internal structure, but now it’s the model name that gets pasted.
[9805] Allow the setting of floating license servers even when a valid local license exists.
[9850] Focus on the search input field or last focus position when opening the Search pane.
Search Pane in Astah System Safety

  • Updated the bundled Java version to 21.0.2 by Eclipse Adoptium.
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General Resolved Issues:

[2176] The text of the topic is incorrect when actions are drag-and-dropped onto the mind map.
[2257] There are cases where notes cannot be copied and pasted.
[2341] An exception is output to the console when launching the application with CommandRunner while the application is running.
[2350] An exception may occur when continuing to generate relationships from a deleted diagram element.
[2351] There are some items in the system properties that do not work or are unnecessary.
[2359] The actual display state of the enumeration literal compartments and the checked state in the enumeration’s context menu become misaligned.
[2407] Exceptions may occur when changing the width of the Property View’s hyperlink tab during editing comments in Flat UI.
[2435] Adjusted the appearance of some UI elements.
[2467] After making changes in the text input field of the Property View, displaying the context menu with text selected moves the cursor to the end.
[2468] After clicking on a text, clicking again inside its area on a different diagram element turns the text into edit mode.
[2469] When a stereotype is added to a diagram element, the color set for the stereotype is not reflected.
[2472] An invalid model may prevent diagrams from opening due to exceptions.
[2548] Fixed an issue where the command line tool could not be launched on Mac.
[9808] Problems may occur during merging when the model linked by a hyperlink has been deleted.
[9860] In the project property settings dialog, some settings are updated even without making changes.
[9930] Specifying an existing menu ID in a plugin doesn’t add it to that position.

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[628] We have made it possible to remove the «testCase» stereotype, except when it is created as a test case from the beginning.
[882] Enabled the placement of Behavior diagrams such as Activity diagrams onto Block Definition Diagrams as ‘activity’ and similar elements.
[1975] Fixed an issue where changing the type of a lifeline in the properties view’s base tab does not update the tab display.
[2315] Support Normal icons for Object Nodes and Instance Specifications that have types as Instances or Actors.

  • For example, you can modify the appearance of an InstanceSpecification with Actor or Interface type in Block Definition Diagram by selecting [Normal Icon] as illustrated below:
    Showing InstanceSpecifications in icons

  • Same for Object Nodes in Activity Diagram:
    Changing the notation of ObjectNodes in Activity Diagram

[2335] Improved the Customized icon list view to display the entire image.
Custom Stereotype Icon List

[2342] In the structure tree, arranged SysML:Libraries to always be listed first.
[2397] Enabled a new diagram creation under UseCases directly from the context menu on the diagram.
Create new diagrams under UseCase

[2403] Changed the setting to hide the «block» stereotype during block creation to be done through individual display settings rather than for the stereotype as a whole.
[2428] Improved the labeling in the context menu of Instance Specifications.
[2436] Introduced functionality to open diagrams directly from behavior models like Activities in Block Definition Diagrams. This can be done by double-clicking the model or selecting ‘Open Nested Diagram’ from the context menu.
Opening nested diagram

[2438] Enabled jumping to the structure tree from behavior models such as Actions on Block Definition Diagrams.
[2439] Modified the display format for names of Call Behavior Actions to ‘Name: Activity Name’.
[2440] In State Machine diagrams, it is now possible to insert states in the middle of transitions during state creation.
[2454] Made improvements to minimize overlap with other diagram elements when changing line types from straight lines to right-angle lines or right-angle curves.
[2457] Enabled copy-paste functionality for notes and common diagram elements across different types of diagrams within SysML.
[2458] Behavior Call Actions’ names are now displayed in the tree view.
[2470] Enabled the setting of colors for stereotype nodes.
[2477] Implemented wrapping for display of block names and similar elements.
[2483] In the stereotype selection dialog, stereotypes are now sorted and displayed.
[2508] In the context menu of the structure tree, we have arranged for frequently used menus to be displayed at the top.

Resolved issues:

[1142] When creating child partitions in an activity diagram, the vertices of dependencies are left behind.
[2330] There are some parts where the labels of Call Behavior Actions do not conform to UML specifications.
[2338] When switching a part to a customized icon notation, the icon appears in its original size and becomes distorted.
[2348] When changing a state from a customized icon to normal notation, the partition lines in the area do not display.
[2352] There are cases where an exception occurs when reopening an obfuscated file that contains lifelines with Interface as its type.
[2364] The context menu for Dependencies lacks “Name Visibility”.
[2374] When displaying Customized Icons on packages, the aspect ratio is not maintained.
[2400] Display keywords when the type of an Instance Specification is a metaclass with a standard icon.
[2409] An exception occurs when selecting a stereotype node of a Behavior type Test Case.
[2442] Dragging and dropping a topic onto a Block creates an invalid value property.
[2450] Creating inherited parts directly under internal block diagrams results in generating invalid models.
[2452] Merging the insertion of partitions in an activity diagram results in generating invalid models.
[2455] Enable toggling the display of Association Name Direction from the [Initial Visibility] tab of Block Definition Diagram’s property tab.
[2504] Fixed an issue where opening the Requirements table could sometimes cause an exception.
[2541] Addressed a bug where merging into an empty slot could sometimes cause an exception.
[2545] Fixed an exception that occurs when clicking on [Eggshell], [Blue] and [No Fill] button in the “Default Item Color” menu of the System Properties.
[2559] The item flow label does not update even if the name of the classifier referred to by Convey changes.
[2560] Corrected the problem where item flows are not duplicated when duplicating a block.
[9680] In diagram editing of properties containing parts, non-existing simplified stereotypes cannot be added.
[9705] When changing the notation of an interface, the horizontal center position is not maintained.

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[9781] Added an option in system properties to prevent Mind Map topics from becoming excessively long. Navigate to [Tools] -> [System Properties] -> [Mindmap] -> [Maximum width of topic (1 to 10000).
Astah's System Properties for Mind Mapping

Resolved issues:

[2353] On high-resolution Windows displays, dialogs such as the Mind Map Style stretch vertically.
[2355] When dragging and dropping models from the structure tree to Mind Maps, topics are now created at the dropped position (only on the left side of the root topic), rather than connecting to an existing mind map.
[2466] Exceptions may occur when opening Mind Maps.
[2497] There are instances where a link between topics does not have four points of passage, resulting in models being unable to open.
[9349] Despite the System Property for Gradation Style (Model Elements) being enabled when generating mind map topics, they are generated without the gradation.

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[2393] Implemented API support for editing and retrieving Item Flows.
[9816] Added an API to the IPartition for getting and setting responsibility elements in the API.
[9818] Implemented APIs for enumeration types and others.
[9826] Implemented an API for merging projects.
[9874] Enabled handling of stereotypes in Behavior Diagrams via the API.
[9940] Implemented an API for fetching icons specific to each model type.

Resolved issues:

[2430] There are cases where exceptions occur in the model deletion notification processing within the API.
[2431] Using getLabel() for unnamed diagram elements through API displays null.
[2459] The exception is inappropriate when attempting to create unnamed blocks, etc., with the API’s SysmlModelEditor.
[2489] Enabled the setting of line types for line presentations through the API.
[9792] ProjectEditUnit.getEntity() may return null.
[9802] Occasionally, exceptions may occur when manipulating tables through the API.
[9821] When setting the value of a slot via the API, it is not reflected in the Property View.
[9840] Errors occur when executing API commands like setRequirementID, except when using APIs in plugins.