SysML 8.0 (December 1, 2022)

Released: December 1, 2022
Model Version compatibility link: 9

Discover Significant Enhancements!

We’re thrilled to announce this major upgrade of Astah SysML v8.0.
It provides a refined UI, team development assist functionalities, greatly enhanced diagramming experiences and more. You will discover lots of significant changes. Go update to v8.0 but some functionalities are removed in this version. So please read this section before you upgrade to v8.0.

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Enjoy Refined UI

You can choose your favorite theme from the pre-installed library including dark theme.
Also all the menu and tool icons are renewed that brings a modern look.
Get Astah SysML in the most comfortable look for you and focus on modeling!

Compare and Merge

Work efficiently with your team members

Now you can compare diagrams and models between two files.
You can see the differences visually and intuitively by placing two diagrams side-by-side and also in a list to check details. After comparing diagrams, you can merge changes into one file.


Cameo Systems Modeler Data Import/Export.

You can export all the diagrams you create in Astah SysML to a mdxml file that can be imported to Cameo Systems Modeler (formerly known as: MagicDraw with SysML plugin).
Also you can import data from Cameo Systems Modeler to Astah SysML via both mdxml and mdzip.

Cameo Systems Modeler Data Import/Export

XMI Export

Finally, you can export your model data to OMG XMI 2.5 format file.
This will allow you to exchange model data between different tools.

Enhanced Diagramming Experiences

Enhanced Map View

Map View overlaid on the Editor lets you grasp and change the area you want to see faster.

Swift Objects Insert

Insert new objects by directly dragging them on lines between the objects.

Space Adjustment

[Gap Expander/Remover] tool lets you move multi-objects when inserting new ones.

In-App Script Editor

Access models via Script.

Open Script Editor within Astah SysML. You can easily access models and validate, alter them or anything you’d like to perform. Sample scripts are available so that you can just copy and paste to start!

Improved SysML Compliance

We reworked to provide more compliant modeling environment to OMG SysML specifications.
Now Astah SysML supports SysML Enumeration, Instance Specifications and Links and more.
XMI import/export and profile are also supported.

Note Visibility

Now you can hide Notes from diagram’s context menu.
Notes are very useful when you add comments, additional information to specific models or jog down your thoughts. This new option lets you switch the visibility of Notes on your diagrams with one-click.

Apply Stereotype Icons

Make diagrams go more expressive.

Set Stereotype icons and represent the model elements in them. All you do is to upload image files associated to Stereotypes. So all the models with the stereotype will turn into the defined images.
This visual switch will make your diagram communications go much more clearly.

Astah SysML Profiles

Line Jumps

Make your diagrams less complex.

Line-jump expression is now available. In complex diagrams with many connecting lines, the jump expression at the intersection will lead you through to help you get the connection points more easily.

License/ Project file format change 

Both license file format and project file extension will change since version 8.0 as shown below:

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Customers who have valid licenses will need to get a new license file to use version 8.0. Please read the page below for details:

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New Features

  • Merge files
  • Compare models
  • Import Cameo Systems Modeler models and vice versa
  • FlatUI and dark themes
  • Enumeration support
  • Actions can now be inserted by clicking on a flow when creating an action in an activity diagram
  • Script Editor is included
  • Map View on Diagram Editor
  • Stereotype Icon
  • Gap Expander/Remover
  • Shortcut keys to switch Diagram tabs (Ctrl+TAB, Ctrl+Shift+TAB, Ctrl+PageUp, Ctrl+PageDown)
  • Regular expressions can now be used for searching
  • Image export via Command-line

Activity Diagram

  • You can now easily insert new Actions by clicking on ControlFlow/ObjectFlow
  • Now Astah distinguishes Object Flow from Control Flow
  • Now Astah distinguishes Decision Node from Merge Node
  • Parameter Node is renamed to Activity Parameter Node to conform to the SysML specification
  • SendSignalAction, AcceptEventAction and AcceptTimeEventAction are now supported.
  • Editing of constraint properties of object nodes is now supported.
  • [Stereotype Visibility] menu is added to partition’s context menu.
  • [Align Pins] menu is added to Action and CallBehaviourAction’s context menu.
  • [Type Visibility] and [Constraint Visibility] menus are added to context menu of Input Pin, Output Pin, Object Node and Activity Parameter Node.
  • [Set Name] and [Stereotype Visibility] menus are added to Control Flow and Object Flow’s context menu.
  • [Copy/Paste Style] menu is added to Decision Node and Merge Node’s context menu.
  • Context menu is added to ForkNode and JoinNode.

Sequence Diagram

  • Now you can choose CombinedFragment type from drop-down menu.
    Combined Fragment
  • [Type Visibility] menu is added to Lifeline’s context menu.
  • [Hyperlink] menu is added to context menu of Duration Constraint, Time Constraint and StateInvariant
  • Messages for lifelines with non-editable types that appear when creating a new operation are now more clear.
  • Fixed an issue where a Reply message could be created when the target side of a synchronization Found message was an interaction use.

Statemachine Diagram

  • State machines are now specified when creating submachine states in state machine diagrams
  • It is now possible to place both Shallow History pseudostates and Deep History pseudostates on the same diagram
  • [Align EntryPoint & ExitPoint] menu is added to States and Submachine State’s context menu.
  • [Copy/Paste Style] menu is added to Shallow History pseudostates and Deep History pseudostates’s context menu.
  • Context menu is added to Junction, Choice, Fork, and Join Pseudostates.

UseCase Diagram

  • Actors no longer have Attributes/Operation compartments.

Block Definition Diagram

  • InstanceSpecifications and Links are now supported.
  • [Show Related Elements] menu is added to Block’s context menu
  • Unit and QuantityKinds are in accordance with SysML specification
    SysML Units and Quantity Kinds
  • Performance when editing diagrams with many blocks has been improved
  • It is now possible to select multiple Blocks and change the visibility of Stereotypes at once.

Internal Block Diagram

  • You can can hide/show Ports from Part’s context menu

Requirement Diagram / Table

  • You can convert Requirements to UseCases by directly dragging and dropping the Requirements on UseCase diagram
  • [Import Requirements from Excel] menu is added in the Structure Tree
  • It is faster to create a new Requirement Table
  • Hyperlinks can be added from Requirement Table’s context menu.

Parametric Diagram

  • BindingConnector now has “equal” stereotype by default in accordance with SysML specification
  • Constraints, multiplicity and role names of BindingConnector do not appear by default
  • [Show Hidden Relationships] menu is added to Constraint Parameter

Mind Map

  • Now you can change font color of text of topic-to-topic links.


  • When the number of models is large, processing time has been reduced when system properties are reflected in a project.
  • Transparency can now be specified in the color settings dialog.
  • A shortcut key has been assigned to the “Check Invalid Models” function.
  • Constraint rules for detecting invalid models in mindmaps have been added to the “Check Invalid Models” function.
  • [Improved the progress display in the “Check Invalid Model” function.
  • The import and export function menus have been moved and consolidated into the File menu.
  • Support for resetting background color
  • Stereotypes in activity diagrams can now be toggled individually.
  • Disambiguated Project File Output” has been added to [Tools] in the main menu. This can be used when reporting a bug.
  • Added text color setting to the context menu of Mind Map topic-to-topic links
  • Jumps at intersections of relation lines are now supported
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Un-supported/Removed Features since v8.0:

  • Linux is no longer supported

The following menus are no longer included:

  • [File] – [New By Template]
  • [Diagram] – [Activity Diagram] – [Template Activity Diagram]
  • [Alignment] – [Auto Layout] and [Partial Auto Layout]
  • [View] – [Show/Hide Extra View]
  • [Tool] – [Set Template]
  • [Tool] – [Correct Model] – [Correct Invalid Models]
  • [Tool] – [Project]
  • [Help] – [Astah Community Site], [Astah SysML Tutorial Website], [Astah SysML API User Guide Website] and [Bug Information]
  • [Add/Remove Mini Icons] in models context menu.
  • [Copy/Paste Style] and [Update Diagram] in diagram’s context menu.
  • [Association End Visibility Kind Visibility] and [Set Font color] in association’s context menu.

Notes by diagram type

UseCase Diagram
  • UseCase Descriptions are no longer supported.
  • Rationale and Problem are no longer supported.
Activity Diagram
  • Rationale, Problem, Process and Connector are no longer supported
  • Any operations regarding stereotypes from Flow Final Node’s context menu
  • You can no longer jump to Structure Tree from Partition’s context menu [Show in Structure Tree]
  • You can no longer change Icon notation of Flow Final Node
  • You can no longer change line style of Control Flow and Object Flow
  • [Block Name Visibility], [Add/Remove State] and [Show in Structure Tree] menu are removed from context menu of Input Pin, Output Pin and Object Node.
Sequence Diagram
  • Rationale and Problem are no longer supported.
  • [Block Name Visibility] and [Show in Structure Tree] menu are removed from Lifeline’s context menu
  • [Message Return Value Variable Visibility], [Message Return Value Visibility] and [Show in Structure Tree] menu are removed from Message’s context menu.
Statemachine Diagram
  • Rationale, Problem and SubState are no longer supported.
  • [Create Nested Diagram] menu is removed from Submachine State.
Block Definition Diagram
  • Rationale, Problem, Information Flow Dependency are no longer supported
  • [Set Font Color] menu is removed from the context menu of Dependency, Allocate Dependency, Realization, Usage Dependency and Generalization.
  • [Set Name] menu is removed from Generalization’s context menu.
Internal Block Diagram
  • Rationale and Problem are no longer supported.
  • [Association End Visibility Kind Visibility] and [Set Font Color] menu are removed from Connector’s context menu.
Requirement Table
  • [Convert to UseCase], [Delete from Model] and [Show in Structure Tree] menus are removed.
  • Shortcut keys on Requirement Table no longer work.
Parametric Diagram
  • Adding/Deleting parameters are no longer available from the context menu of Constraint Property
  • Font color can no longer be changed from the context menu of BindingConnector
Mind Map
  • You can no longer export MindMap to RTF Document nor PowerPoint
  • [Convert to SysML model] menu is removed from a floating topic
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Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding Astah SysML 8.0, please feel free to contact us at any time!