SysML 1.4 (November 9, 2016)

Released: November 9, 2016

Hi-res display support

Astah SysML now works with High-Resolution displays.
Sharp text, model elements, and diagrams will all be sharper on High-DPI Display!

High-res Display support on Astah SysML

Extension on Requirements Stereotypes

In previous versions, Astah SysML allowed only pre-defined Stereotypes for Requirements, such as <<extendedRequirement>>, <<interfaceRequirement>> and <<physicalRequirement>> ..etc.
With this version, you are able to add any Stereotypes from the [Stereotype] tab of Requirement Property View.

Stereotype support on Requirements

Mac Full Screen Mode

Mac full-screen mode allows you to maximize your canvas to focus on diagramming!
Astah SysML Full Screen

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Fixed Bugs

  • [6744] Loading .asml could fail if the project includes the Connector model with the type defined.
  • [6759] The default message name gets restored when opening a file in which you had Create/Destroy message name left blank.
  • [6761] An exception error occurs when deleting Operand after setting as a loop to CombinedFragment with more than 3 Operands.
  • [6762] [Select all] does not include diagram frame
  • [6763] Incorrect error message appears when “a link between topics” is invalid
  • [6764] No response when clicking [Add] button on the Mini Icon list when any diagram is open other than Mind Map.
  • [6765] When exporting a diagram into EMF format image files, it may have blank space around the diagram as it includes frame even though it is hidden on the diagram editor.
  • [6767] On Linux, an exception error appears at the very first time of launching.