Plug-ins & Integrations

Tailor Astah to fit your needs with free add-ons! This library of plug-ins has been developed by Astah and Friends of Astah to help further customize the software. Learn more about the options already available, or build your own Astah plug-in.
* No technical support is provided for listed plug-ins.

If you have any ideas that you’d like to implement via Plug-ins to Astah SysML, check out this “Astah plugin ideas” repository Zsolt Sandor, Friends of Astah / a founder of Systems Engineering Professionals Community launched!

Create Your Own Plugin and Integration!

Don't see what you're looking for, or want to further customize Astah to your own needs? With our SDK, API, and extensive tutorials, you can.

Pro UML SystemSafety SysML

Astah Easy Diagram Plugin

“Astah Easy Diagram Plug-in” – Developed by one of our innovative customers, this tool is tailored to make your diagram editing tasks not only easier but also more enjoyable.

SystemSafety SysML

Astah Legend Plug-in

The Astah Legend Plug-in enhances your modeling tool experience by seamlessly incorporating legend capabilities. The plugin enables coloring of diagram elements based on rules described in Groovy language.

SystemSafety SysML

Astah Matrix Plug-in

Generate a comprehensive Matrix to visualize the interdependencies among model elements in Astah SysML and Astah System Safety.

SystemSafety SysML

Astah miro plug-in

Import UML Class diagram from miro to Astah and vice versa. Also an import of mind map from miro is supported.


Astah Model Validator Plug-in

Refine SysML models with the Astah Model Validator Plug-in. Create custom Groovy-scripted validation rules in YAML files, and efficiently detect and correct rule violations!

SystemSafety SysML

Astah Profile Plug-in

Astah Profile Plugin is a cutting-edge solution for adding profile editing capabilities directly within Astah. Streamline your workflow with enhanced customization and efficiency.

SystemSafety SysML

Astah Rich Document Plug-in

Create detailed, formatted text documents directly within Astah for each model element.

SystemSafety SysML

Image Note Plug-in

Insert a picture directly into Note to boost the expression of your models and make your diagrams more intuitively understandable.


M Plus

Powerful Plug-in to add 4 major functionalities to your Astah. Source code generation, Model Preview, Diagram Map and Relation Matrix.


Model-Driven Script Editor

Custom Scripting Editor works with Groovy Language.

SystemSafety SysML

Pointer in Review

Make it easier to show your models at presentation by bookmarking specific models in diagrams. At team-meeting, just click the bookmark to focus the model on the screen.


Redmine Integration

Connect with a project management tool – Redmine and associate Redmine tickets to Astah diagrams.



Import your ROS (Robot Operating System) in SysML into ROS.


Something 2 GSN

The plugin converts models on Class diagrams, Activity Diagrams, Block Definition diagrams and Mindmaps created in Astah Products to GSN (Goal Structuring Notation) models.


Unified Architecture Framework(UAF) Plug-in

An assistant tool designed to simplify the process of creating and managing architecture models based on the UAF (Unified Architecture Framework).

SystemSafety SysML

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