UML 8.0 (September 26, 2018)

Released: September 26, 2018
Model Version compatibility link: 38
Bundled Java: 1.8.0_181(Oracle)


  • The best drawing experience ever
  • Insert objects between objects
  • Wrap UseCase name available
  • Wrap messages available
  • Highlight Relationships in ER Diagram
  • Search Stereotype Available
  • Show/Hide Note option is added
  • One click to minimize the size of diagram frame


Usability Refined

Grab, drag, move, resize, create,
Every operability is improved to provide the best drawing experiences.

Insert Objects Easily

In Activity & Statemachine diagrams, insert new object by clicking on lines and existing ones by dragging.

Wrap text

Finally you can wrap UseCase name. You no longer need to resize the UseCase itself just to get the right look.

Wrap Messages

You can wrap messages in Sequence & Communication diagrams including parameters and arguments.

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More Improvements

All diagrams

  • Show/Hide option for Notes is now available.
  • The stereotype is searchable and replaceable from search pane.
  • You can minimize the size of diagram frame from its pop-up menu.
  • You can create Models under Packages.
  • UI improvement on SourceCode Import and Export dialogue.
  • Now you can copy model elements as GVML ClipFormat.
  • Improvement on the knobs to make it easier to grab and move objects.
  • You can add self-association lines anywhere other than the top of the objects.
  • Hyperlink shortcut key now works in the Structure Tree.
  • Much easier to use Suggest Feature to create models.
  • Easier to select and handle overlapped objects.
  • You can select a parent object that has nested objects inside.
  • Hide selection knobs of objects while editing text.
  • New background color.
  • New appearance on diagram icons.
  • Tool buttons are visible by default in the Structure Tree View, Inheritance View, and Alias View.
  • You can add multiple image files as Mini Icons
  • Floating licensing is available from this version.
  • You can open release notes from [Help] – [Software Update Information] dialogue.
  • You can use a mouse-scroll on the Alias tab.

UseCase Diagram

  • You can wrap texts for UseCase name.
  • Improved a button label on UseCase Description Template.

Activity Diagram

Turn on the Auto-resize option automatically when creating Actions.

  • Turn on the Auto-resize option automatically when creating Actions.

Activity and Statemachine Diagram

  • Now you can insert new objects by clicking on lines and existing ones by dragging on lines.
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Fixed Bugs

All diagrams

  • [6441] Mini icon palette does not appear clearly on the high-def screen.
  • [6969] Default size of Search Tool option dialog is not correct.
  • [6997] [Diagram] list gets re-ordered automatically.
  • [7014] After failing to import Java source code, you cannot delete those files you try to import until you close Astah.
  • [7019] Background color of message dialogues isn’t showing right on certain Look & Feel.
  • [7025] Wrong English label that appears when the generalization is about to loop.
  • [7061] Wrong English label that appears when launching Astah to indicate there is a new version available.
  • [7077] An exception error could happen when any text in UseCase Description, DFD and Requirements is hit in the search result.
  • [7148] .asta files cannot be opened on Windows if those were sent via gmail from Mac.
  • [7168] Current font color is not selected when opening a font color dialog for texts.
  • [7241] Wrong object is selected when you try to grab one of the overlapped objects in the diagram.

Activity Diagrams

  • [6223] Unable to wrap the name of ObjectNode and ParameterNode.
  • [7239] Wrong location of texts on ObjectNodes.

UseCase Diagrams

  • [7041] The location of ExtensionPoint gets off by adjusting the size of UseCases when its name is shown outside of it.
  • [7042] All the texts in UseCase won’t be included inside when you copy it to the clipboard. (This happens only when UseCase name is shown outside.)
    [7205] You cannot copy UseCase correctly if the UseCase name is shown outside of it and also it has several stereotypes.

Sequence Diagrams

  • [6099] Moving messages causes an error when there is an invalid model in the project.
  • [6678] An error occurs when clicking [New] button in the property view while InteractionUse is selected which name is empty.
  • [7116] Wrong location of the name of self-message.
  • [7146] Message constraints cannot be shown in multi-lines.
  • [7242] Auto-reordering the message numbers work fails.
  • [7246] An exception error could happen when deleting a message on some conditions.
  • [7257] It fails to set operations to messages if the target line’s base class has several operations with the same name.

Communication Diagram

  • [7202] It is unable to copy and paste the message label information.

Statemachine Diagram

  • [4640] Wrong context menu appears when selecting more than one Entry/Exit points.

ER Diagram

  • [6960] Reordering the Index Attributes does not apply in diagrams.
  • [7048] Exported SQL contains Attributes that are defined in the foreign key constraints in wrong order.
  • [7126] An exception error could happen when converting ER diagram to a Class diagram.


  • [4655] Reopening Flow Symbol Palette fails.
  • [4656] Toolbar and Flow Symbol Palette could be overlapped.

Requirement Diagram & Table

  • [5456] Keyboard operations to Requirement Tables aren’t consistent with other types of tables.
  • [6990] Initial size setting does not apply for Packages.


  • [6783] Customized Mini Icon set is not included in the Mindmap Template.
  • [7089] Creating Mindmap template files in some cases.


  • [6725] Running IAttribute.getAssociation() for certain IAttribute occurs a cast error.
  • [6726] An error occurs when running INamedElementImp.getFullName() for certain models.
  • [7230] An exception error happens when passing texts in multi-lines for IComment.setName().

Structure Tree

  • [7121] When editing the name of States and Actions in the structure tree, unnecessary space will be inserted automatically.

System Properties

  • [6294] [Restore Defaults] button does not work for [Show navigable Association End only on the structure tree] option in System Properties.
  • [6995] Class diagram icons are missing on some options in [System Properties] – [Initial Visibility1].
  • [7252] Wrong indent on [System Properties] – [Default Item Size]
  • [7268] System Property dialogue closes instead of letting users fix when any invalid value is entered for the options.

Project View

  • [6977] Unnecessary separate line appears for some models in the Property View.


  • [7060] Wrong alert dialog appears when launching Astah offline with an activated organizational license.
  • [7190] Astah does not detect any error even when it is failing to save the organizational license’s activation information.

Total Merge Utility

  • [7280] Wrong error log is exported when updating reference projects via Total Merge Utility.


  • [7152] It is unclear which button is toggled on the toolbar.