UML 8.4.1 (September 29, 2021)

Released: September 29, 2021
Model Version compatibility link: 39
Bundled Java: AdoptOpenJDK 8u292-b10

Fixed Bugs

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  • [8340] Association lines and arrows overlap on the model name if the model is shown in Icon notation.
  • [8342] Astah would not let you enter * at the end of attribute/operation types on the diagram.
  • [8364] InstanceSpecifications and Lifelines will lose its type if you modify the name of those models without showing the type on the diagram.
  • [8347] When you export or print diagrams, some of the models will look in wrong sizes.
  • [8333] Changing font size resizes the model incorrectly if the [Auto Resize] mode is off.

EMF (Windows)

  • [8329] Copying to EMF does not work for some model elements.
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‘Lock the Center’ mode

New option is added on each diagram’s toolbar.

By turning this new mode on, Astah will always keep the connecting points stay as they are and keep your diagrams neat and clean for you as you edit.

New option to keep models centered
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Suggest Feature no longer gets in your way

Suggest features – the small icons that appear when you hover on a model – this should help you create diagrams faster.

Better behaviour on suggest feature
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System architecture diagrams

You can create your own icon library by importing AWS Architecture Icons and create diagrams with them.

We improved the UI of the Icon library and Flowchart-specific Icon library.

Astah diagrams with more expressions with icons
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Display all on hover

Now you can see all the text by hovering on the cut-out text in the property view (the left-bottom pane of Astah).

So make your diagram editor as wide as you’d like and see the detailed info just by hovering instead of sliding the column in the property view each time.

Show all names in the tooltip
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Expand and

New convenient options are added on the tree view.

When you traverse the hierarchy of the tree of your project, you can now choose from [Expand All], [Expand One Level] and [Collapse All] instead of double-clicking one by one to open/close the nodes.

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State Transition Tables

State Transition Table Plug-in is also updated!
Now you can filter which states you want to show in the State Transition Table and also sort the list of states in the table as you like directly in Astah.

State Transition Table Plug-in is completely free to use. Give it a try if you are using Statemachine diagrams.

State Transition Table

Want to know more?

If you want to know more about all the functionalities and enhancements, please read the full release note of version 8.4.


  • We stop providing the version 8.4.0 as of September 29, 2021.
  • When you check the version information from [Help] – [Version Information], the release date says June 30, 2021 as shown below even though the actual release date of version 8.4.1 is September 29. This is because this label states the release date of the major released version(v8.4).
    Astah UML version 8.4.1 Release Date