Astah is Communication Redefined

Astah is an exciting new way to navigate your business. Whether you are a large corporation or small start up everyday your business is changing, simple meetings and memos don’t cut it anymore. Collaboration is a constant, and with a growing list of technologies that allow you to instantly communicate ideas to your team, you need a way to let your team instantly understand your ideas. Astah does that. Watch a quick start video of Astah to see how easy it can be!

Astah Is Visual Discussion

By utilizing UML and a variety of diagramming methods Astah gives you the power to create detailed but clear illustrations for every aspect of your business. Intuitive, engaging and eminently readable these diagrams will help you to guide your projects, as well as smoothly and instantaneously incorporate input from every corner of your office. Not only that, but Astah can seamlessly transform your diagram between a number of formats, allowing you to gain a fresh new perspective on old ideas. From the simple diagrams you easily create with Astah you can unlock very complex successes for all areas of your business.

Astah Is a Perfect Fit

Astah is custom built for you and by you. Get started with Astah Professional, and take advantage of Astah UMLpad, and Astah Share three distinct products that work together to form a software that is distinctly suited to your individual necessities. From there you can diversify and focus Astah more and more each day with Astah Plug Ins. Designed both by the developers who developed be Astah, and our robust community of Astah users, Astah Plug Ins are constantly growing and changing to suit your needs. Astah encourages you to join our community with the Astah SDK, allowing you make your Astah even more yours.

Love Astah? Try these Free Extras!


A free UML editor - that is ready to use the instant you download it, allowing your UML diagrams to be quickly and easily enhanced. Completely compatible Astah Professional.


View diagrams directly in a web browser. Members of the team can view diagrams created by Astah Professional, share models and interact in real time to communicate ideas.


Astah UMLPad gives you the power to create clean and crisp UML class diagrams on your iPad and then use them in Astah Professional. Astah UML takes your work wherever you are.