Astah Floating License Installation Guide

License Server Installation

Thank you for purchasing Astah Floating License!
Astah Floating License uses the Reprise License Manager (RLM) for license management.
Customers who do not have RLM will need to set up the license server. If you already have it running, click here.

System Requirements

The RLM server can be installed on a following Windows or Linux machine.

  • Windows (64bit)
  • Linux (x86-64)

Reprise does not publish hardware requirements. Though, they provide a performance evaluation tool that you can use to see how many checkouts per second a machine/network will handle invarious scenarios.

1. Download

Click the button below to download the setup-kit.


Customers who have the RLM running for other programs
Download the kit from the link above and extract. Locate the following two files - which are the ISV (Independent Software Vendor) in the same folder where your existing RLM is installed.
  • cvastah.exe or cvastah
  • cvastah.set

2. Install License Server

Choose your platform of a machine you'd like to install License Server.

Installing on Windows

  1. Make sure that you are logged in as an Administrator
  2. Extract the folder you downloaded into the C:\Program Files\astah\rlm
  3. Run register_service.bat
  4. After completing the registration, set the License Manager to run as a service

Installing on Linux

  1. Extract the folder you downloaded into a directory like /opt/rlm/
  2. Set a launch Daemon

    On sysvinit

    Find the that is included in the folder you downloaded. Customize it to make the RLM start on launch Daemon by locating it in the /etc/init/d...etc. Make sure not to specify a root user in the startup script.

    On systemd

    Refer to the cvastah_systemd that is included in the folder you downloaded. Locate it in the systemd unit file directory such as /usr/lib/systemd/system/rlm.service...etc. After deploying the file, run commands below to relod the systemd and launch RLM.

systemctl daemon-reload
systemctl start rlm
     Run the following command to let the RLM launch automatically.
systemctl enable rlm

License Activation

After you complete the license server setup, let's get your license activated!

1. Access RLM web interface

  1. Start your web browser and open http://<Hostname>:5054.
  2. This is the RLM web interface looks like.
    RLM License Manager

2. Activate your License

Make sure your machine is connected to the Internet.

  1. Access the RLM web page.
  2. Click [Activate License] from the left menu.
    astah license menu
  3. Click [BEGIN License Activation] button.
    astah license menu
  4. Enter the ISV activation website, and click [Next].
    astah license menu
  5. Enter the ISV “cvastah” and your License activation key which is a 16-digit numeric string you purchased, then click [Next] button.
    astah license menu
  6. Enter the number of floating licenses. Then click the [Next] button.
    astah license menu
  7. It shows a path where your license file will be generated. If you already have the same named file in the directory, change the license file name here. Otherwise click [Next].
    astah license menu
  8. Click [REQUEST LICENSE] button to complete.
    astah license menu
  9. At this point, you will need to restart the license server, so click [(Re)Start License Server].
    Astah Floating License
  10. Choose [cvastah] and click [REREAD/RESTART] button.
    Astah Floating License
  11. If no error appears, your license has been activated successfully. So let's move!